The Dancer

“One of the absolute highlights of the year” –

“An episode of black mirror waiting to happen … compelling and fascinating (not to mention frightening)”

Penelope D’Silva is a world renowned dancer, used to sell-out crowds. When her audiences start to dip, the eerily perfect 3D CineTheatre recordings of her performances outselling her live shows, she knows she must innovate her dancing. She has to prove, somehow, that there is something in the live that can never be held in a recording.

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Under the Fable

My story To have and to hold can be found in issue 4 of Under the Fable (on page 33 if you’re in a rush!).

A young man reaches out to the moon, and she comes down to him. It’s one thing to love the moon, and another to have her in your bed, and another to look in her eyes.


Two of my stories can be found in Storgy Magazine. In These Empty Stands, a young man has a few too many drinks and breaks into a football stadium with his friends, but finds it filled with memories of his father as he once was. In Ricia an elderly couple visit a greasy takeaway, in their finest clothes. The tradition is sweet, but as snow falls outside the old woman feels her own name growing heavier. Out there in the cold, she sees something between a reflection and a ghost.

Ricia was long-listed for the Storgy 2014 Short Story Competition, and was published along with 13 more weird and wonderful stories in their Kindle anthology for the competition. The Kindle version contains exclusive illustrations, as well as afterwords and interviews from the author. If you enjoy the story, please do support Storgy by buying the Kindle anthology for £1.99 (not bad for 14 stories!).


VoiceIn Journal

From the 3rd to the 7th of July, the wonderful VoiceIn Journal published my short story The World Turns as a serial. Click here to read the story from the beginning.

The World Turns tells the story of Laura, an 18 year old girl revising for her A Levels. It should be a normal day. Her father leaves for work as usual, and her friend Bobby is trying to get her in the pub rather than revising. When a lone gunman goes on a spree in the town where her father works, everything changes. It’s a story about people. It’s about how our worlds can change. It’s about how we keep going

Two of my poems can also be found on VoiceIn Journal, both on their May theme of love. I’d die slowly for you explores addiction in relationships, while Little Sister talks about what people will make of you if you fall for them. More of my poetry can be found here.


When time slows down

Music is magic.

The room rolls with smoke and a young man chooses which song to be his spell, and to take him to another place. But the memory of a girl who lives within those songs has different intentions, and she has power.

This story was published in Litro Magazine’s Music Issue. Only a sample of this story is available without a Litro subscription. I subscribe and I’d recommend it- new short fiction every month, as well as novels through the door.

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Granddad used to tell a story about oranges

There was a train, in a warm country, full of soldiers. There was a man, who told this story, and grew older. There was a boy, who listened to this story, and grew older. There are some things in stories that change, and some things that remain the same.

Originally published in Beyond the Walls anthology 2013.

Read the story here.