Short Fiction

On this site, you’ll find a selection of my published short stories. When I have a new story published, it’ll be linked to on the home page and my twitter.

The Dancer. Published by Unsung Stories.
A dancer is being outsold by perfect recordings of her own shows, and must work out how to separate the live from the recorded.

To have and to hold. Published in Under the Fable.
A young man reaches out of his bedroom window to the moon, and she comes down from the sky.

These Empty Stands. Published in Storgy Magazine.
A young man drunkenly breaks into a football stadium with his friends, but finds it filled with memories of his father as he once was.

The World Turns. Published as a serial by VoiceIn Journal 
A girl revises for her A levels when a lone gunman goes on rampage through her county. Everything changes.

Ricia. Long-listed in the Storgy Short Fiction Competition 2014.
An elderly couple visit a greasy takeaway in their finest clothes.

When time slows down. Published in Litro: Music.
Music is magic. The memory of a girl has power.

Granddad used to tell a story about oranges. Published in Beyond the Walls 2013.
The boy and his grandfather grow older, and the stories they tell change.


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