Love and Houses is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a bit about love and a bit about houses. Published in Ink Sweat & Tears.

The day they steal the moon is about capitalism, theft, and of course the moon. It was printed in Say Owt Poetry Anthology Volume 1.

Sending a letter home talks about David Bowie, and loneliness, and space. Published in Streetcake Magazine (issue 43).

Little Sister tells you why you should never fall in love with an artist. After all, they’ll only make art out of you. Published in VoiceIn Journal, with art by Ken Maharajah.

I’d die slowly for you is about those relationships where drugs are the glue that hold two people together. Published in VoiceIn Journal.

Men like Romeo is a true story from the construction of the Shard building in London. Published in the City Fox (incidentally, a magazine with many beautiful animal illustrations!)

A Cathedral in Rome is another true story, sadly. Published in Pastiche Magazine.

A Shop in Rome I went to Rome once, can you tell? There was a bit of a theme to the titles, and the poems.

Grimm Perversion I have a lot of love for the Brothers Grimm, but I’ve never been so comfortable with how the “suitable for children” versions of the tales removed sex from the stories, but kept plenty of violence. Originally published in Indigo Rising UK #3

Lies, and Fiction is about the difference, and a grandmother. Published by the Cadaverine.


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